Why You Need Allergen Awareness Certification?

It is estimated that 35 million Canadians have food allergies. That’s quite a huge number, isn’t it? This is the reason that it makes sense for hotels and food businesses to be extra vigilant to avoid any kind of allergies for patrons. The most common allergens among all ages are shellfish, peanuts, and eggs. Allergies are a natural immune response; however, more severe cases can impact one’s daily life and lead to life-threatening symptoms.

Food business owners need to be aware of the various allergens that can cause harm to their customers. An allergen awareness certification can help your employees learn the ins-and-outs of allergic reactions and safety measures.

What is Allergen Awareness Certificate?

Just like any other training program like food handling training, an allergen awareness program is aimed to help ensure the safety of the customers who may be allergic to certain things. The training program prepares working professionals in food the industry to identify and control allergens, from the incoming ingredients to the final packaged product in any food processing plant. While it is the responsibility of hotel business owners to provide a relevant training program, an individual in the field can also apply for allergen awareness certification to rise above the competition and grab the best career opportunities.

Here are some benefits of taking an allergen course:

In-depth Lessons on Food Allergies

Top providers of allergen courses in Canada include the following modules:

  1. Food intolerance, which teaches students how food reactions occur.
  2. Food allergens cover the various types of allergens to help students identify and avoid them upon request.
  3. Safe service helps employees understand basic food safety protocols, such as explaining ingredients and listening to a customer’s request.
  4. Contamination, which teaches students how food contamination can be avoided.
  5. Emergency procedures, or information on the steps to take if any accidental allergic reaction occurs.

Menu Improvement

A restaurant’s menu is one of its most important assets. Informative and well-designed menus help customers understand which items contain ingredients that might cause an allergic reaction.

Staff with allergen awareness certification can easily explain the different items on your menu and help customers make safe choices for their orders.

Certificate Validity

Allergen awareness certification courses take around two hours to complete. But despite the short program period, an allergen certificate is valid for up to five years. This gives you time to prepare any new employees and higher-ups in the restaurant for another course, plus you’ll be able to save money.

When you are serious about growing your hotel and food business across Canada, it is important to get your team ready to deal with any kind of trouble with the help of an allergen awareness training program followed by certification. This helps avoid any kind of legal penalties as well as other issues.

Take an allergen course now through reliable training providers in Canada. Choose a company that offers a user-friendly experience, free practice exam questions, and a pass guaranteed to make the most out of your program!