Why Food Safety Training Matters


Are you a restaurant owner or manager? You might know that one of your responsibilities is to ensure a safe and healthy space for your staff and customers. Food safety is one of the most important aspects to consider when running a food business in Canada.

How can you guarantee a food-safe workplace for your employees? The best way is to have your staff receive food safety training from reliable providers in your area. Canadian food safety training is essential for many reasons:

Compliance with the law

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency sets strict regulations for maintaining food safety in restaurants. Federal laws such as the Food and Drugs Act and Safe Food for Canadians Act must be complied with fully.

Failure to comply can result in huge losses for your business. Hefty fines of up to thousands of dollars may be imposed, while more serious breaches will result in prosecution. Noncompliance will also damage your public record, leading to mistrust within your customer base.

What’s worse is that your restaurant can be closed down for incredibly serious offences. It’s best to obtain Canadian food safety training from leading providers to avoid your license suspension.

Improved knowledge

Your employees must undergo an engaging and innovative food safety training that can teach them the fundamentals of safe food handling. Comprehensive training courses cover the various types of foodborne illnesses, prevention of contamination, proper personal hygiene, and proper sanitation practices.

Canada-wide acceptance

Accredited providers offer Canadian food safety training certification that is accepted throughout the entire country. Certificates are valid for five years, so you will have plenty of time to prepare for the next set of employees to train. Leading training companies in Canada have worked with well-known restaurants and other food businesses with spotless records.

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