Why Do You Need to Get a WHMIS Certificate?


Many Canadian workers will require a WHMIS certificate at any time throughout their careers. That’s because a lot of jobs require employees to undergo and complete regular WHMIS training, usually every one or two years. Are you are wondering whether to get certified or not? If so think about the nature of your job before deciding on it. And, if you are constantly or infrequently exposed to or handling dangerous chemical products or substances, then you should get your WHMIS training online as soon as you can.


Who needs it?


Anyone who has close contact with or works with hazardous materials in the workplace is legally responsible to complete WHMIS training and education. The certification applies to many different jobs, including those who are working in laboratories, clinics and hospitals, food service, retail, and manufacturing. Students, teachers, custodians, and basically any worker in those environments are also required to undergo WHMIS training.


Understanding the importance of training and getting certified


All workers deserve to work in a safe and healthy environment that is free from the risks caused by hazardous substances. The WHMIS certificate is also required by law, even for those who are working in a commercial kitchen or restaurant, as these workers are using fire and may be exposed to combustible materials. Thus, restaurant owners and managers must do their part in ensuring that the staffs is properly trained.


The certification is an official document, which shows that you have received WHMIS instruction, information, or training. Moreover, it tells the employers that you are certified and knowledgeable in relevant WHMIS topics. After completing WHMIS training online, you print the certificate on letter-sized paper or as a wallet card, which is convenient to carry around. Certification is important if your jurisdiction or employer requires workers to have their certificates anywhere they go, especially while working.


Why learn online?


It is easier to get certified these days through a WHMIS training program online. Some educational institutions offer online exams and mobile-friendly courses, so you can access lessons and focus on your education on your preferred device.

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