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Ontario Online WHMIS Course Outline

Everything you need to become WHMIS Certified in Ontario

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  • Safety Legislation
  • Hazardous Product Regulations
  • Precautionary or Hazard Statements
  • Disposal of Hazardous Products
  • Supplier Labels
  • Labelling Requirements
  • Safety Data Sheets
  • Health Hazard Information

In most areas, you can reprint your required Food Handler Certificate by logging in to your account.

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  • Click on the Certificates tab on your dashboard
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Ontario WHMIS Online Certification


Anyone who works with or may come into contact with hazardous materials in their workplace has the legal responsibility to have WHMIS education and training. This may apply to a large variety of jobs, such as workers in manufacturing, hospitals and clinics, laboratories, janitorial workers, teachers, and students in these environments and even retail workers in some cases. Everyone working deserves to work in a safe atmosphere free from risks from hazardous products.


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What’s Included

What’s Included

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Friendly and polite staff. Answer emails in a timely manner. Available 24/7 to help. They offer exam onsite and provide practice examination first and go over all questions. Being a Culinary Manager and with a food safety background Bashir is very knowledgeable and provides exceptional customer service.

Brendan de Jeu

My brother took the course and was successful at completing the online WHMIS Certificate. The modules were really well done and easy to comprehend.

Jessica Cerqueir

Had a great experience with Probe It! Very affordable and the website is very user-friendly. When I contacted the support staff, they were always very quick to respond to me. Highly recommend to anyone looking to become WHMIS certified!

Joshua Batchelor


Online WHMIS Frequently Asked Questions

WHMIS, or the Workplace Hazardous Information System, is the national system for providing health and safety information on hazardous materials that are used, handled or stored in workplaces across Canada. WHMIS is implemented through a combination of complementary federal, provincial and territorial laws. WHMIS has been in place since 1988. In 2015, Canada updated WHMIS to be aligned with GHS (the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and communication of hazards worldwide. This updated system is called “WHMIS 2015”.

Anyone who works with or may come into contact with hazardous materials in their workplace has the legal responsibility to have WHMIS education and training. This may apply to a large variety of jobs, such as workers in manufacturing, hospitals and clinics, laboratories, janitorial workers, teachers and students in these environments and even retail workers in some cases.

Employers have the responsibility to ensure their workers receive WHMIS education and training. All workers must be trained in the handling, storage and safe use of hazardous products before they use, or exposed to, or likely to be exposed to them. Our course covers WHMIS education. WHMIS education includes learning about general information about the main parts of WHMIS and how it works. Employers must also provide site-specific training.

Yes, as long as the device has a working webcam and microphone, and the latest browser (Firefox or Chrome on Windows/Android devices, and Safari on Apple devices) you will be able to use it to take the online exam.

The exam will not start if a working webcam or microphone is not detected.

Employers are required to review their WHMIS program, including education and training, at least annually, and more often if there are changes in work conditions, hazard information or similar matters. Employers decide during the review if refresher education and training is necessary. As a worker, you should be able to answer the questions below for every hazardous product you use. If not, then refresher education and training is recommended. 1. What are the hazards of the product? 2. How do I protect myself from those hazards? 3. What do I do in the case of an emergency? 4. Where can I get further information? The general recommendation is that WHMIS training be completed at least annually.

Absolutely Not. Once you purchase our course, all learning materials you need will be available. We will provide you with the information you can study to learn about the classification and safe use of hazardous products.

If you fail your exam you can retake it as often as needed without paying any additional fees. Please review your course prior to re-taking the exam.

Refunds must be requested prior to the student starting the course. To receive a refund, please forward your electronic receipt to our customer service department: with the subject heading: Online Course Refund. Include the reason for your refund request. Refund requests will not be accepted after the student has started the course, or if the course has expired. All Group purchase sales are considered final.


A safety data sheet (SDS) is a document that provides information about the properties and hazards of a chemical or substance used in the workplace. The SDS is intended to help employers and employees properly identify hazards, understand potential risks, and learn how to safely handle and control hazardous materials.

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