What Should You Know About Food Handlers Test?


Are you working in food business? Then you definitely need to take up a food safety training course and pass the food handlers test. Many territories and provinces in Canada require every foodservice business to hire only Certified Food Handlers or to sign up their current team for a government-approved Food Handler Certification Course. You will also need to pass the test and training if you are planning to join the hospitality industry, as the certification can give you an edge over the competition.


What’s the test about?


To earn your food handlers certificate in Toronto, you will have to complete the final exam, which is proctored by your course instructor. If you are taking the course online, the instructor may oversee your exam over a webcam.


The final food handlers test has 50 questions, which are aimed at testing your knowledge on crucial food safety concepts, particularly:


  • Personal hygiene
  • Food spoilage and contamination
  • Cross-contamination
  • Food allergens and management of allergens
  • Causes of food-borne illnesses
  • Proper food storage, cooking techniques, and preparation
  • Potentially hazardous or high-risk foods
  • Temperature and time control


Keep yourself proficient


If you are currently enrolled in a food safety course to earn your food handlers certificate in Toronto, you may consider preparing for that final exam by answering a practice test provided by the Canadian Institute of Food Safety (CIFS). The test comes with questions derived from the CIFS Food Handler Certification Course. That should give you an idea on what to expect from the test when it is your time to take it, and you do not have to be intimidated by it.


You may retake the test


After passing your food handlers test and completing the course, you should be able to get a certification that is good for five years. If you fail the test, some educational institutions can let you retake it for free.

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