The Importance of WHMIS Training in Canada


What is WHMIS training, and who should be taking it? WHMIS stands for Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System. WHMIS training is done to educate workers about the national system that Canada uses in providing health and safety information on hazardous materials that are used, handled, or stored in various workplaces across different industries in Canada.

Employers have the major responsibility to ensure that their workers receive WHMIS training because of the following reasons:

Education and protection

WHIMS training online is recommended because it can ensure that workers are well-informed about the hazardous products in their workplaces and the adverse effects of the chemicals on their health. They know how to read the labels and the meaning of the information and symbols on the products, including those on the MSDSs. This training will also teach them the right thing to do to protect themselves in their workplaces.


Using hazardous products without protection or improperly can lead to serious health consequences and serious. This can also mean financial loss and prosecution of employers. These can be avoided if the workers know the danger of the chemicals used in their workplace and are trained to handle them properly. They know exactly what they need to do to avoid risks and prepare for potentially dangerous situations.

WHMIS training online can educate them about the most important things to stay safe while working, including the following:

  • Rights and responsibilities of the workers, suppliers, and employers
  • Hazard controls and personal safety
  • WHMIS supplier label
  • Safety Data Sheet
  • Hazard classes and categories
  • Safe use of hazardous products
  • Emergency procedures
  • First-aid measures

Getting a WHMIS certificate is very important for Canadian workers, specifically those whose livelihood involves exposure or use of hazardous chemicals. This could be people who are in manufacturing, hospitals, and laboratories. But it can also be for all kinds of workers in Canada even if they don’t work directly with hazardous.

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