The Importance of WHMIS Training According to Canadian Law

It has been reported that nearly 15 employees out of 1000 get injured related to workplace accidents. This is why the Canadian Government introduced a training program that teaches how to handle hazardous and combustible materials in different trades. In the restaurant business, this training is also mandatory for professionals.

What is WHMIS training?

The Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) training course comprises vivid knowledge regarding combustible and hazardous materials and equipment required in different trades. It all teaches the participants regarding the best practices in an industry. On completing this course, a participant will become more alert and skilled regarding using such instruments, equipment, and materials. A WHMIS training online course is ideal for restaurant professionals. Let us find out its importance. As per the industry experts, a good WHMIS training program consists of various elements such as labeling of containers, the provision of material safety data sheets (MSDSs), and worker education/training programs.

We understand that not all workplace injuries or accidents are not avoidable, but preventive measures can be taken to prevent such incidents with a comprehensive WHMIS training program.

Why is WHMIS training important?

As we know that the WHMIS training is dedicated to helping people learn about safe management, labeling, and storing of dangerous and hazardous goods in the workplace, the goal of this training program is to protect the health of workers across the country. Apart from this, a specialized WHMIS training program also helps protect the health of the workplace in general, as well as the safety of the environment.

Escalated safety – The professionals who have undergone the training program will maintain the standard safety protocols set by the regulatory authorities. It includes storing and using different hazardous/combustible materials and equipment on the restaurant floor.

Learning about the side effects

The regular use of such things can also cause harm to the professionals if no measure is taken. The safety protocols will also teach how to maintain personal safety and ensure others too. The course will also teach how to handle accidental injuries and reduce damages. Hence, this course will also teach about the risks of using such materials properly.

The latest industry protocols and practices

One of the best parts about WHMIS Training is that the course will also deliver knowledge regarding the industry protocols followed. So, when you take an online WHMIS training, you can get yourself and your team equipped with the required guidelines and protocols that need to be followed during the handling and management of hazardous materials and chemicals at workplace. It will also describe the best food safety, and WHMIS practices followed across the country.


On pursuing this course, you will get a WHMIS certificate to add to your professional profile. It will enhance your prospects. Restaurants hiring certified professionals get an extra advantage in getting inspections done smoothly. So when you are running a business or would like to reach higher on the success ladder, a WHMIS training is the right choice to make.