The Importance of Food Handler’s Course

There are over 40,000 full-service restaurants in Canada. The industry is worth about 33 billion dollars and employs almost half a million people. Because of this, strict government regulations are in place to ensure the safety of each food establishment in the country.

Food businesses are not immune to safety hazards. There are potential risks that can harm customers and employees alike—such as bacteria, viruses, and toxic chemicals. Fortunately, there’s a way to prevent these risks from causing serious incidents through a safe food handling course.

What is a food handler’s course?

The food handling training or course is a comprehensive training program that is aimed to help professionals in the food and hotel industry to perform food handling functions, such as the different factors that can cause food contamination. The goal of the food safety course is to help avoid and prevent any kind of potential food-borne diseases. According to The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), it is mandatory for every food business and food handler to have a food handler’s license, but the process varies widely by state and municipality. So, make sure to connect with your local food safety department to check the law in your region.

What is the importance of food safety courses and food handlers certificates in Toronto?

1. Government compliance

Safe food handling courses are a legal requirement. Every hotel and food business in Canada is required to have a food handler’s certification, which can be obtained after completing food safety training. The government holds food establishments to a higher standard since the public is involved. Moreover, inspectors are authorized to impose fines and penalties upon your business if you fail to provide a food handler’s certificate in Toronto.

It’s best to avoid legal and financial consequences by meeting food safety and hygiene standards.

2. Customer protection

Your customers are the most vital part of your business. Without them, there is no profit and no one to serve. That’s why you need to ensure that each customer is safe every time they visit your establishment. After all, they trust you for their health and well-being so it becomes your prime responsibility to take care of their health by ensuring proper safe food handling methods at the workplace.

Obtaining a food handler’s certificate in Toronto can help your employees understand the risks of foodborne illnesses, improper storage, and under or overcooking. Food safety courses also teach the importance of personal hygiene and keeping the workplace sanitized at all times.

3. Business protection

Causing a food-related disease outbreak is not something you want to experience. On top of that, dirty tables, slippery floors, and sloppily dressed staff discourage customers from entering your establishment.

You need to protect your business’ reputation, avoid low ratings, and negative health inspection reports by taking food handlers’ courses in Toronto. Through this, you can prevent losing hard-earned money and your loyal customers. So, get a food safety certification for your team members to ensure better safety of your customers.