The Basics: Safe Food Handling Techniques with Online Course

How can you make your food-handling skills better and food safety compliant? If you are working in a restaurant, café, food truck, school, daycare, hospital, or any other trade with a food preparation unit, you will need a certificate to prove your prowess. This is where pursuing a safe food handling course fits well. You can easily find out the safety protocols mandated by the regulatory authority and become more credible for opening a business or getting a respective job.

What a safe food handling course teaches

There are different aspects of food safety cited by the regulatory department. These aspects are all covered in a well-fabricated course. Let us find out what a full-fledged online course includes.

Food safety laws

Following the growing numbers of people dealing with foodborne diseases, it has been made important by Canadian government to ensure training food handlers with the proper food safety course. The food safety laws mandated by the Canadian Government have to be followed by every professional and owner of eatery business. Studying these laws also make an aspirant aware of the practices and prepare his foundation of knowledge.

Food-borne diseases and allergies

Safe food handling protocols includes learning about pathogens causing food-borne diseases and allergens. This helps to avoid any complication during serving food and maintain a perfect track record. When you understand the food allergies and food-borne diseases better, you can make sure that no improper food handling or food preparation method is followed that can promote any of these two issues.


Contamination is also a prime concern for food service providers. And this doesn’t only happen when the food item is not stored in the appropriate temperature or not handled well, it can also happen when the raw items are not stored properly as per the industry guidelines. Whether you own an eatery, provide catering services, or work as a professional, you need to be very cautious about contamination.

Cleaning and sanitization

Hygiene protocols are of the top priority for a restaurant. This module teaches how to clean different surfaces and maintain the hygiene of a cooking and serving environment. In the recent Covid-19, we all have understood the importance of personal hygiene, the same should be followed by food handlers and cooks so that any kind of allergies can be avoided.

Food handling

New practices and protocols suggest how to handle different kinds of foods. The professionals should learn how to do it. This is why many restaurant owners hire professionals with a safe food handling certificate or arrange a mass course for the team.

These are the basic concepts taught in a food handling course. When you are working as a food handler in the industry, it is very important to have a good handling certificate, which can be obtained after a detailed food handling course. So start searching for the best course available online to stay compliant with the legal regulations in the Canadian food industry,