Signs You Sell the Food Safety Certificate For a Living

Are you looking to buy a food safety certificate for yourself, or on behalf of your employees? It’s important to know the signs that you’re dealing with a reputable and accredited company. Buying a food safety certificate from an unreliable source can lead to costly problems down the road, so it pays to do your research before making a purchase. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the signs you should look for to identify a reliable provider of food safety certificates that sell valid training for a living.

They have been accredited by your provincial government

Any food safety certificate that you purchase must be accredited and accepted by the provincial health department where you work to meet their training requirements. As such, food safety companies should be accredited by the respective provincial government, since these agencies have the authority to verify the credentials of food safety certification providers. A list of approved food safety companies can usually be found on your health department’s website. It is also beneficial for companies to have accreditation across all provinces rather than just one or two. This ensures that the certification is recognized across Canada, making it easier for employees and businesses to know that they are buying a legitimate and valid food safety certificate and can work anywhere in the country. Probe It’s courses have been accredited across Canada for more than 5 years, which makes certification convenient and stress-free.

They have an in-depth understanding of the food safety system

Food safety companies that are reputable and accredited are expected to have a deep understanding of the food safety system. This understanding should include all elements of food safety, from the best methods of storage and handling, to health and safety regulations (for each province they are accredited in), to food safety certification requirements. They should be able to explain the importance of food safety to their customers and provide advice on the most appropriate way to ensure that their food is safe for consumption. Reputable food safety companies should also be knowledgeable on the latest food safety legislation and be able to quickly adjust their services accordingly. Probe It has an in-house Public Health Inspector who is able to address all of your questions.

They are familiar with the requirements of different food businesses

A food handler certificate company should be well-versed in the various food safety requirements of different businesses. For example, hospitals and retirement homes need to take extra care when preparing and delivering meals to ensure they are safe for their residents, while schools and daycares need to ensure that foods are served in a way that is appropriate for children. They also need to consider proper nutrition and be extra careful to avoid foodborne illnesses as seniors and children are especially vulnerable. Farmers markets have a unique set of food safety regulations that must be followed, and restaurants need to follow the food safety laws specific to their province or country. A reputable food handler certificate company should be knowledgeable about all these different requirements so that employees and employers can be sure they are compliant with the necessary regulations when taking their training.

Their course content provides appropriate food safety knowledge

Reputable companies that sell food safety certificates should have courses that provide evidence of their knowledge and understanding of the food safety system. Their course content should include information on the latest laws and regulations related to food handling, as well as best practices for safe food handling. It should also include topics such as proper storage and temperature control, cross-contamination prevention, cleaning and sanitation, food allergens, and food establishment maintenance. By providing comprehensive course content, these companies demonstrate their expertise in food safety and their commitment to providing quality instruction to those seeking certification. Our food handler certificate at Probe It has been developed by our Health Inspector according to all Canadian government guidelines, to make sure you’re getting the training you need.

They are able to provide references from happy customers

When you are choosing a food safety certificate provider, it is important to make sure that they have a good track record with individuals and companies who have used their courses. Checking for reviews from customers is a great way to ensure that the company is providing quality service and that its course content is accurate, engaging, and user-friendly to complete. If you can find a company with multiple satisfied companies, especially those that have testimonials or referrals, they are a good company to consider. You will have an easier time getting certified with a food safety certificate from them.

In summary, country-wide accreditation, knowledge of food safety training, and an excellent reputation for customer service are green flags for a company that sells the food handler certificate for a living. Probe It Food Safety checks all these boxes, so you can get certified with us with peace of mind.

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