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Make sure that complicated training programs don't get in the way of your school's curriculum or stop you from reaching your goals. With our all-encompassing and user-friendly learning platform, you can achieve your goals quickly and effectively. Our platform includes everything you require, including interactive course content, student progress tracking, automatic email reminders, and weekly summary reports. All of these are provided to you, making your workplace training for schools more straightforward and effective.


Pay Less for Better Service

Don't risk partnerning with another company for your food safety training, where the low cost means low quality. Instead, join us and enjoy a price match to experience the quality of our services for yourself.

As a school offering hospitality programs, you already know that your students need to undergo food safety training. Why not choose the best option available for them? We assure you of 100% satisfaction with our courses, which are created by Certified Public Health Inspectors and our top-notch customer service. We understand the importance of managing costs while providing quality training to your students.

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Students Love Us

Our goal is to provide personalized and enjoyable customer service!

We have a highly trained customer service team that can be reached through phone, email, ticketing system, or website chatting feature. We have received top-rated reviews and feedback from our clients, and 99% of them refer others to our courses. Experience our exceptional service by joining our hospitality program for schools!


Training Built for Schools

We understand that online learning can be challenging without the benefit of in-person cues and activities. That's why we've developed a user-friendly course platform and practical training courses specifically for high schools and universities offering hospitality programs. Our goal is to help your students learn food safety principles efficiently and effectively, as we've done for schools across Canada.


Our Interactive Courses

We use contemporary technology and instructional design principles for effective and affordable online learning!

Probe It offers engaging and practical food safety courses for aspiring food handlers. Our courses cover the fundamental practices required for safe food handling, from prevention of contamination to personal hygiene and cleaning. By taking our courses, students can gain a rich understanding of food safety principles and prepare themselves for a fulfilling career in the food service sector.


User Friendly & Built For You

Our LMS is designed for smooth online learning, with an intuitive interface!

Our Moodle LMS combines programming and education expertise to offer an easy-to-use interface for both teachers and students. Our training programs are built for all students, regardless of their technical proficiency, with ample support to guide them along the way. Join the 60% of higher education institutions that use Moodle and enjoy a hassle-free online learning experience.


Compatible on any device

Training your students has never been so easy

Our training platform offers 100% mobile-compatibility!

Our platform works seamlessly on all desktops, tablets, and smartphones, and our lessons are printable for easy training, no matter your district's setup.



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How Do I Get My Staff Certified?

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Step 2: Provide Employee Details

Check your email for instructions. Send us your company and participant details and we'll create profiles for everyone. Then sit back and relax - no need for data entry!


Step 3: Relax!

We've got you covered! Your employees will be emailed course and exam access, and you'll get their certificates upon passing.

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Had a great experience with ProbeIt! Very affordable and the website is very user-friendly. When I contacted the support staff, they were always very quick to respond to me. Highly recommend to anyone looking to become food handling certified!

Joshua Batchelor


The Probe It Food Safety staff and facilitators are youth friendly, knowledgeable professionals that delivery high quality trainings to youth. PTE has worked seamlessly with [them]. We highly recommend you hire Probe It for your Food Handling needs and more.

Tamara Jeremie


Detailed course with lots of information, touched on things other courses haven't. Our phone support tech was fantastic, very patient, knowledgeable & helpful, and very quick to respond.

Derrick Giffin

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