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SimplexLMS streamlines the Employee Onboarding process for the forerunning building maintenance company in Ontario


Purus Building Maintenance


Building Maintenance



Head Office

Toronto, Canada

Key Indicators

Major clients include Hilton Hotels, Sheraton Hotels, DoubleTree, FridayHarbor, Elite Developments, and HolidayInn

About Purus Building Maintenance

Purus Building Maintenance has used their 15 years of experience in commercial building maintenance to to service various industries, including hotels, government buildings, pharmaceutical companies, and industrial buildings.

They provide a wide variety of support services that are customizable to the client’s needs. They achieve this through extensive employee onboarding training before employees are allowed onsite.

The Challenge

With one of the largest number of professionals in the commercial maintenance industry, and their integrated approach to servicing their clients, Purus struggled to prioritize the employee onboarding needed to maintain its values and excellent service.

With high employee turnaround, the time and space needed for in-class training, and the logistics of managing full-time trainers across multiple locations, costs were increasing and impeding their business growth. Additional time and money spent on onsite WHMIS 2015 training caused additional financial strain.

The Solution

In addition to setting up the a certification and record-keeping system, SimplexLMS’s cohesive solution was twofold:

Create an customized employee onboarding course

Create an customized employee onboarding course

By taking an generic employee onboarding course and customizing it to fit the needs of Purus, and granting the company access to the online WHMIS training, new employees were able to take the courses and come onsite to work with their certificates and the necessary background knowledge needed before officially starting their employment.

Purus’ management was easily able to keep track of employees who were ready to move onto practical training and those whose certification was still outstanding, preventing delays.


Purus’ employees are now fully trained before coming onsite, so teams are ready to hit the ground running and start practical training, saving time and money.

Purus inquiry-to-service time has decreased, and their business has grown and gained clients.

Case Studies

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