What Is the Online Proctored?

A proctored exam is a test that is overseen by an administrator, or a person who confirms the identity of the test taker and the reliability of the location.

Proctoring sessions are taken in the luxury of the test taker’s home or preferred location, and a webcam is required. This service is available 24/7 and no scheduling is required. Take your Food Handlers Exam online today!


Our Steps

Probe It Food Safety provides secured, proctored online food handler certification exams! Online proctoring allows you to simply and conveniently take your food handlers exam in the comfort of your home or workplace while being supervised by a remote proctor. This service is available 24/7 with no scheduling required and built right into the course.

Step 1

Candidates will be automatically booked for the online exam with the purchase of online course

Step 2

You will be requested to run and download an extension to get connected to your live proctor. This extension is to capture the screen of candidates only during the duration of the test is live.

Step 3

Test candidates verify their identity via webcam and government issued ID card.

Step 4

Once the test begins, proctors will have access to tester computer screens. Proctors can chat with test-takers, terminate a specific user’s test session, or re-authenticate candidates based on pre-test image captures.

Introducing Our Fully-
Mobile & Tablet Friendly Exam

Probe It has made the entire course and exam available at the palm of your hand - NO LAPTOP, DESKTOP, or complicated programs necessary. Simply log in, and get the training you need. Our program is accessible and easy so you can focus on learning on ANY DEVICE, with no extra set up.


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Our Clients

Probe It has been providing affordable food handlers certificate in Canada. Our Food Safety Course is simple and fun food safety training solutions to savvy employers and employees all across Canada. To date, thousands of food handlers working for some of the most recognized companies in Canada have taken their food handlers certificate with us.




Had a great experience with ProbeIt! Very affordable and the website is very user-friendly. When I contacted the support staff, they were always very quick to respond to me. Highly recommend to anyone looking to become food handling certified!

Joshua Batchelor


I chose this course off the internet and was greatly appreciative of its contents. I liked the ability to sign in, do part of it and go back and do more later. It was very well presented and easy to understand. Congratulations to the people who put the course online fantastic job.

Marilyn Merkley