Probe It Workplace Training


SimplexLMS is used by the North America’s leading food safety company to provide online food handlers certificate training.


About Client:

Our client has a platform dedicated to providing workplace safety training across North America. They provide course content that is informative while being user-friendly and engaging to assist in their understanding and application in the workplace. They have transformed their onsite courses into their current online platform. Our client scaled its training program and created interactive courses for hands-on learning in food safety training in collaboration with SimplexLMS.

The Challenge:

Probe It’s original training program was restricted to powerpoint slides and textbooks that were used in onsite training courses. Despite the quality and positive feedback of their course, the paper-and-pen approach restricted their reach to only one area of Canada, and resulted in extra costs in money and time for their clients. Onsite proctored exams also slowed down certificate issuance as there were long wait periods for exam results and re-scheduling needed for retakes.

The Solution:

SimplexLMS’s integrated solution was to create an efficient, streamlined process for Probe It’s food safety certification process. To achieve this, the  SimplexLMS team went with a very systematic approach:

  • Create a online interactive course
  • Integrate 24/7 mobile-compatible proctoring system
  • Build automatic certification and record-keeping system

SimplexLMS was able to develop an online interactive course from Probe It’s onsite course materials for learners that increased 50% staff performance for their largest clients.  SimplexLMS also  assisted Probe It in integrating online proctoring into their food safety training so that certificates could be issued automatically. Finally, the automated reports and reminders gave students and management a clear idea of what was left for their certification.


Since the launch of the the online food safety course, Probe It has trained more than 10, 000 users and has expanded across North America. The efficacy and quality of program is the reason Probe It is regarded by some of the largest hospitality companies as their primary training provider.

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