Probe It Food Safety is committed to protecting their user’s information and this privacy policy explains how we collect and use this information. This section also explains other data policies that are related to the various services we offer.


Probe It Food Safety is committed to safeguarding the privacy and security of our clients, users, employees and also other individuals we work with. We ensure the proper protection of information, data and servers, and make it a huge responsibility to offer dedicated services. will not sell, lease or share the user’s private information with others. This will include:

  1. Name
  2. Home/Business address
  3. Personal/work email
  4. Home/business phone number
  5. And all other information

Our only purpose of gathering your information:

  1. Contact you regarding product or service purchased
  2. Provide you the product requested
  3. Provide you with the service requested

Information our company collects from you:

Probe It Food Safety may collect various types of information based on the actions you perform on our website such as sign-up form, contacting us, posting something etc. Here are some of the situations where we collect information from you:

The actions you perform on Probe It Food Safety website

In the event you browse our site, use our services such as setting up your account, creating profile, posting any messages on our food safety blog etc. , we collect the information. Any 3rd party social media sites that was accessed from our website, please refer to their privacy policy.

Information about payments:

In the event you, as a user, conduct any transaction on our website or over the phone (such as purchasing a product or service from our website) we only collect your contact information to contact you for the products and services you have purchased, and for identification.

External Links

As a Company, Probe It Food Safety may contain links to other websites of interest. However, once you have used these links to leave our site, please refer to their privacy policy.

Third Party Information:

Probe It Food Safety also gathers information about you and the various activities you perform on our social media platform pages such as Facebook or any third party partner when we offer services jointly with them. However, we DO NOT SELL your information to third parties from any kind of profits.

The use of this information collected from you:

Probe It Food Safety is dedicated to providing personalized and customized experiences for our users, and thus we use the information you provide us in order to offer you the most reliable services:

Improve and Develop services for you:

We try our best to provide a user friendly website. Probe It Food Safety performs various researches, surveys and test numerous features based on the information you provide and thus we continuously improve services for you.

Communicate with you:

You might receive some marketing emails, messages etc about the new services, programs, products, or special offers and all this communication is kept confidential.

Promoting Safety and Security:

Probe It Food Safety makes use of the information you provide us in order to verify your activities, and thus offering security to our users. We try to investigate all the suspicious activities that occur on the site and make sure all the violations are handled accordingly. We even make use of advanced encryption services to add an extra layer of security.

Please note: Probe It Food Safety might use cookies and other similar technologies in order to collect information about you, the various actions conducted by the users, and in order to provide several other features on our website.

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your hard-drive and they do not damage it in any way. These files make it easier for you to surf our website and take advantage of the various features. We also use some ads (from third parties) and they might use cookies and other similar technologies as well.

Log file information:

This information is collected from your browser each time you visit our website or access certain features on our site. This information may also be collected when you download something or add your details on our website (if required).

When Probe It Food Safety services are used by the users, servers collected some information automatically such as the type of browser you use, IP address, certain web-pages you view, requests you perform etc. This information is also gathered when we send some emails to our subscribers. This information helps us manage our marketing campaigns such as the list of emails opened, clicked etc. This allows us to perform more personalized services.

How we share the information:

Public information: In case you post anything on our social media platforms, every other user is able to see your posts. You are free to delete it anytime you want.

Websites and Partners: Probe It Food Safety may share the information to our partners in order to provide effective services or to analyze the results. These partners might include our email marketers, server maintenance experts etc, and we will assure the information is safe and not sold to anyone.

As a user, you understand that everything on the Internet has a risk to get exposed. Though we provide professional security and safety to your information, it is not possible for us to guarantee 100% protection.

If there is any question regarding the privacy policy, please contact us today.