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Probe It has allowed Canada's fastest growing Middle-East inspired restaurant to manage franchise onboarding


PitaLand is a Middle-East inspired restaurant chain serving delicious dishes from shawarmas and falafels to the classic Western favourites like burgers and fries. Made from top-quality ingredients and accommodating for all dietary needs, PitaLand prides itself on serving great meals with good company.


Hospitality: Restaurant


600 Plus

Head Office

Mississauga, Canada

Key Indicators

35+ locations spread across southern Ontario

About Pita Land

Pita Land is a Mideast urban kitchen that shares its nutritious delicious dishes, from kebabs, shawarmas, falafels, and wraps, across southern Ontario.

They provide fresh and wholesome foods that fit any dietary lifestyle that are simple, easy and budget-friendly options, as well as Western-inspired dishes. Their business model is: “Sharing food from our tradition to your table.”

The Challenge

Pita Land was experiencing very fast expansion through franchising and struggling to maintain their standards throughout their new franchises. The onboarding process was being completed through a long, complex and hard-to-understand pdf document.

This made it difficult for franchise owners to completely absorb all of the training, as well as easily refer back to key reference information later on. This resulted in lower performance on the franchise managers, which risked affecting the entire restaurant – from branding guidelines to food safety training and kitchen procedures, to customer service.

The Solution

To resolve the issues Pita Land was facing, SimplexLMS resolved to:

Convert the onboarding pdf into an interactive course structured into separate modules

Give hierarchical access to franchise owners to all training needed for employees

Probe It separated the pdf into comprehensible chapters that were engaging and interactive, making the flow of learning seamless and more effective. Franchise owners were given access to enroll their employees in the food handlers and WHMIS 2015 certification training to improve performance and follow Pita Land’s training standards.

Pita Land management was able to onboard and oversee all of this from a super-admin view to evaluate franchise owner performance on a large scale.


Employee certification rates in food safety and WHMIS 2015 have increased across all current franchises. New franchise owners now have immediate and continued access to the entire process of business, allowing franchises to more easily follow branding compliance standards.

This has paved the way for Pita Land’s expansion across North America.

Case Studies

We have had the good fortune to work with some of the clients listed below, 

providing them with customized solutions that deliver exceptions results.

Probe It Workplace Training

SimplexLMS is used by the North Americas leading online food safety training

Purus Building Maintenance

Leading Building maintenance service provider reduced training by 90%

Pita Land

Since 2003, Pita Land has made delicious, fresh, and affordable shawarma and kebabs, souvlaki, falafel, gyro, salads and wraps, but our story didn’t just begin then.

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