Outsourcing Food Delivery Services – not the best choice?


There are a lot of risks when it comes to exploring new business ventures. The overall improvement of one’s company, however, is always the main goal. Changing your food delivery services from an outsourced company to in-house is one of those risky – but necessary – ventures for your food business to truly grow.

In-house food delivery can come with a lot of benefits that will allow you to become more comfortable with making the change: One of them being in-house delivery team saves around 50% of expenses that would be spent on subcontracting a delivery company. Your business can then save this money to spend on current processes, or put it towards another important venture. It will also eliminate the need for extra staff payments, saving even more money.

Another advantage to in-house delivery is you will have full control of your runs. You will be able to improve the standard of service in your restaurant directly, without having to work around the methods of the outsourced company. You will also be able to provide your food couriers with the proper food delivery safety training that will ensure safe food handling on the go! Taking the delivery and training into your own hands will ensure any food deliveries from your restaurant are completed safely. This saves you the worry of hoping the procedures and training of a delivery contractor are sufficient.

With this improved food delivery safety, the overall quality of your service you provide will attract more customers. You will be providing them with consistent quality service that will raise the name of your restaurant and its reputation – simply by word of mouth and sticking to your own safety standards. If you were to outsource, you instead run the risk of poor customer service and a tainted reputation.

If you want to provide your new in-house food couriers with the proper food delivery safety course, check ours out! With a food handler certificate and our Food Delivery Safety course, you can ensure your own processes are as good as delivery companies, without the added cost.

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