Online Food Safety Training – “How do I choose the right course?”

Most food handlers and food safety professionals can almost all agree that the in-class food safety training and certification can be long, boring, and inconvenient. Apart from this, people would have to take a break from daily routine work and spend hours commuting to and from the coaching classes. This is why people have decided to search for new options of becoming certified – ONLINE.

Online learning is one of the fastest-growing trends in the current market, allowing professionals to sharpen their skills with hassle-free and convenient learning using the digital mode. The best part is that you can learn online regardless of your location. You can take the online classes while traveling to your workplace or even during the lunch break.

Now the question remains “How do I choose the right course?”


Have you ever heard the expression “ You get what you pay for”? When choosing an online course provider it is important not to only consider the cost of the course because you will be facing the same issues that you have tried to avoid – boring, inconvenient, cheap quality, poor development!

You do not want to compromise your learning experience and waste your money. It is important to remember the food handler certificate is very necessary for gaining the essential skills required to prevent food borne illness. Make sure to pick only the right type of training program online from a reliable source so that you get a valid certificate after completing the training program.

You do not want to be buy into the “cheapest course” advertisement scheme… because you may be buying into the “cheapest product” which results in you wasting your time and money.

The food handler certificate is not a certificate that you have to renew annually or semi-annually, rather the certificate is valid for 5 years!

The Probe It Food Safety online food safety certificate is:

  • Valid across Canada
  • Valid for 5 years
  • Accepted by all health departments
  • High quality design and development by Certified Public Health Inspectors
  • Includes game review questions after each module – hangman, who wants to be a millionaire etc.
  • Includes over 70 review question to prepare you for the exam
  • Course accessible 24/7 on smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers
  • Exam is available 24/7 NO PRE- SCHEDULING!
  • Immediate exam results!
  • Certificate issued same day!
  • High quality design and lay out to keep the user engaged
  • 5 star reviews from customers and food safety professionals

So how much would you pay for the Probe It Food Safety online course?

At what price would you consider the product to too expensive that you would not consider buying it?

At what price would you consider the product to be priced too cheap that you would feel the quality couldn’t be very good?

The Probe It Food Safety online course and exam is only $49.95 – Priced perfectly to not compromise quality or food safety! Register now