Online Allergen Course – Why it is Beneficial

What can be the biggest blunder a restaurant can do to ruin its track record? It can commit a mistake to describe the ingredients of a food preparation that might cause food intolerance or allergies. A customer who has food allergies will not feel confident to order from a restaurant that does not have proper knowledge regarding allergies. This is where a certificate of allergen awareness training is required for a restaurant business.

An online food allergen course is a comprehensive training program that provides professionals in the food industry with in-depth knowledge and training so that you can keep your customers safe. The goal of an allergen course is to drive home the information that your team members and managers may need to accommodate guests with food allergies and respond to emergencies should they occur.

Who needs to be trained with allergen course?

  • The managers at food manufacturing units and hotels must complete additional allergen training through a certified and reliable online portal.
  • The food establishments like hotels must keep the certificate of course completion and need to show it to the health inspector upon request and is an item on the inspection report.

What includes in an allergen course?

The course module contains the following elements.

Food intolerance

A participant will learn how food reactions occur. It can occur due to food intolerance a patient is suffering from. Food intolerance and food allergies will be differentiated and clarified to participants.

Food allergens

It is very important for working professionals and managers to have detailed knowledge about various types of food allergens. So, This module will cover the different types of food allergens. It will help the eatery team to identify and avoid it as per the customer’s request.

Safe service

Participants will learn regarding food safety protocols set by the regulatory authority. In this module, the professionals will be taught how to explain the food ingredients and listen to a customer’s request regarding a particular preparation.


Cross-contamination is a very common issue these days, especially with poultry and meat products. This is why it is suggested that these raw materials are handled with extra care by a specialist in the field with relevant information about cross contamination. An allergen course will also teach how contamination can be avoided. Cross-contamination is also a concern. It will be taught to the participants of this course.

Emergency procedures

What emergency steps should be taken if any accidental allergic reaction occurs? This module will completely cover a restaurant professional should do in case of an emergency.

Benefits of a food allergen certificate

Once you complete the course, you will get a certificate accepted by the Canadian Government. This certificate will fortify trust and confidence in your customers. Your business will become more credible, and you can earn more reputation in your restaurant and catering service. Get a food allergen certificate for your restaurant right away.