Your Food Handlers Certification Is Accepted. We guarantee it!

You might be concerned that our online food safety certification will not be recognized or accepted by your local health department. Simpy put, we guarantee it will be accepted or you’ll get a 100% refund!

The food handler certification program offered by Probe It Food Safety is accredited by all the governing health authorities across Canada. This means Probe It Food Safety’s material has been developed to meet and exceed industry and government standards.

Government Approval Letters

  • Ontario
  • Alberta
  • Alberta
  • Saskatchewan
  • New Brunswick
  • Nova Scotia
  • Manitoba
  • Quebec
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Northwest Territories

At Probe It Workplace Training, we believe that health, hygiene and regulations play a very important role in the growth of a hotel, restaurant or a food manufacturing unit. After all, food safety has a direct impact on the health and well-being of an individual, so we ensure that the Food Handlers Certification you get after completing the training program will be in accordance to the local authority guidelines.

We know that the food safety and food handling guidelines or regulations change over the religion and region. To avoid any kind of hassle for the business owners as well as working professionals in the food industry, we are associated with various certification bodies across Canada who provide certifications which are as per the religious guidelines of various religious community.

So we pride ourselves to mention that our Food Handler Certification course is approved and accepted by all provinces and territories in Canada. Whether you want to kick-start your career in the food or hospitality industry, planning to start your own restaurant in Toronto or to simply volunteer at a soup kitchen in Winnipeg, you can be sure that the certification you get with us is accepted by the local authorities as well as the food department.

Probe It Workplace Training offers the added benefit for candidates to add new skills to their knowledge by opting for the certification program online. This allows you to learn from anywhere and have access to the course program that suits you best and be sure that your certificate will be accepted throughout Canada.