Keep your Franchises Compliant with our Corporate Field Audits

Consistency is an important consideration when running a franchise in order to maintain the proper brand and reputation. Many details go into achieving consistency, but a lot of people tend to forget about the elements of consistency behind-the-scenes when it comes to auditing.

Food Safety audits play a vital role in terms of quality management as well as compliance management for food businesses. The goal is to ensure that the business and the team are following proper guidelines and recommendations to avoid any kind of cross-contamination or spread of food-borne diseases. According to Global Food and Safety Resource, “audits are a crucial component of maintaining food safety standards and certification”.

Auditing for food businesses ensures that poor and unsafe operations are identified and put to an end so they cannot harm the customers or the staff. Performing a self-audit provides the additional benefit of preventing improper operations from tainting the brand’s reputation. If one location is determined to have unfit operations, then the entire franchise is labelled such as well. This is why it is important to protect your franchise and ensure the operations at each location are fool proof.

Conducting corporate field-audits under one consistent standard and software will help maintain and monitor food safety operations that can be implemented across the franchise. There are a couple of key aspects to consider when conducting an audit, like brand standard, cleanliness, maintenance, food safety and etc which all fall under having a consistent guideline.

With our upcoming Corporate Field Audit Software, you can eliminate all the guessing and really see how the business is doing. Our software allows for photos to be uploaded as evidence of any issues that are outstanding or have been resolved, eliminating the hassle of extra paperwork – and allowing access to everything at the click of a button. It will also feature the ability to record timestamps and other documentional essentials. Naturally, everything that is recorded can be shared and printed.

Here is how our upcoming Corporate Field Audit Software can help businesses in the long run:

Preventing the Risk of Foodborne Diseases – When you know that your team members are following the right methods, you can be sure to prevent any kind of incident of foodborne disease. Also, you can guide them with appropriate training for any kind of loophole.

Focus on operations – Regular and timely food safety audits are helpful in ensuring that your team is focused on proper operations with a focus on the food safety management system, food storage, food preparation, sanitation, etc.

Proper planning – The best part about using our software for auditing is that you will have extensive knowledge about food safety and can easily conduct detailed food safety audits.

If you are in need of a process that will standardize your efforts to ensure franchises are inspection-ready, save you time, money, and resources, with the scheduling feature and a smoother process, then keep an eye out for our Corporate Field Audit Software, coming soon at