Keep Your Day-to-Day Procedures Consistent with Our Daily Checklists


On a day to day basis, there are many gaps in food safety and health that need to be identified and addressed immediately. The hardest part of food safety is carrying out the identification and follow-up procedures when a business lacks organization and structure.

Daily checklist software will help these steps become effortless and eliminate dealing with tons of paper documents. This technology will allow you to track progress in real time, on a day to day basis, with a clear pre-determined outline of standards.

Daily reporting like this is necessary to ensure you are taking care of responsibilities that you can not risk delaying and waiting for months to review. Those day to day tasks include, but are not limited to: garbage maintenance, bathroom cleanliness, regular cleaning and sanitizing, equipment inspection and maintenance, sanitization of food contact items and ensuring food storage is regularly checked for proper freezing, refrigerated, and cold- and hot-holding, as well as cooking temperatures. These daily tasks are very important to maintain food safety, the satisfaction of your customers and brand image.

Us at are coming out with a daily checklist software to help you uphold these important daily tasks. The technology will help you implement the proper corrective measure under a consistent standard as soon as any issues occur. It will also compel you to establish accountability when it comes to ensuring issues are evaluated and resolved and properly documented through reports. You will be able to do this with a simple click of a button, or capturing a photograph.

To protect your brand and customers daily, keep a lookout for our daily checklist software.

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