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Course Price
Food Handlers Certificate Course (* equivalent to FOODSAFE Level 1) $49.95 Add to Cart
Le cours manipulateur d’aliments MAPAQ (French) $49.95 Add to Cart
WHMIS 2015 (English) $24.95 Add to Cart
TDG Online Certification (Includes ID Verification) $29.95 In cart

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Total $29.95



Probe It Food Safety is nationally accredited, meaning our certificates are accepted and recognized by all health units across Canada. We have issued Food Safety certificate in every province in Canada.

No problem, you will have up to one (1) year from the date of purchase to use the user license. Our internal licensing module will handle that for you.

No problem – as long as the student has not logged in, we will credit their account towards another user.

You don’t, it is done automatically. The exam will be available 24/7, on demand, anytime.

Immediately upon you sending us the employee information

Immediately upon you sending us the employee information

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