Importance of Food Handler Training

Why is food safety important? That is a question you might not hear often. Depending who is being asked you might get different response.

A stay at home mother might tell you “because I don’t want my kids or husband to get sick”. A food manger might tell you “because not taking care of food safety in a business environment can harm the reputation of the business”.

Whatever the scenario may be, one thing is for sure, knowing about food safety can protect you.

Unfortunately food borne illnesses are under reported which makes it seem like it is not a big problem. Thousands of people fall ill due to lack of food handler education and training whether at home or work. The food industry and customers are challenged by this lack of education from food handlers. In addition, a food borne illness can have dire effect on children, seniors, pregnant women and individuals who have compromised immune systems.

Why do you need food handler training?

It’s legally required – Following the commitment to avoid the incidents of food-borne diseases across Canada, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency made it mandatory that every individual responsible for cooking and handling food items in the commercial kitchen must have a food handling certificate. This means every employee in the industry should have valid proof of training. In many states, the certificate must be renewed at a regular interval.

Value to your business – When you have a team of trained and skilled professionals with all the information about food handling safely, you can be sure to give a boost to your business by adding value to it. The training program is aimed to help professionals gain important knowledge and skills that not only protect the public but also let them make the most of opportunities for thousands of jobs available in the food service industry.

It’s good for your business – As a business owner, the most important thing for you should be the business image that you must protect. You would not want your customers to spread negative words about improperly managed food safety at your place. This will only make your business a place where no one would want to eat. With the comprehensive food safety and food handling certificate, you can ensure having a team that is well-equipped with the knowledge of handling food safely.

Food handling training is one of the best ways to ensure the safety of your customers as this allows your team to have the skills and knowledge to follow safe food practices. It has always been a basic survival concern so most food businesses are also opting for it to compete harder.

In the modern days, the best way to keep your business on top of the choice of foodies, it makes sense to ensure the safety of the customers. This is only possible when your team follows proper food safety habits so that there are no chances of food-borne diseases when people eat at your place.