How to Prepare Food Safely – Understanding Food Safe Level 1

Knowing the proper way to prepare food will ensure the health and safety of those who will consume it. It is a very important step as the customers put their trust on you about their health and well-being so it becomes your primary responsibility to protect them against any kind of foodborne disease.

While food contamination can be really tricky and confusing, training is necessary if you want to acquire the best knowledge possible in safe food preparation. One of the courses you can consider is Food Safe Level 1, a work safety, food handling, and sanitation course for front line foodservice workers (i.e., deli workers, bussers, cooks, dishwashers, and servers) and foodservice establishment operators. It will cover the most critical food and worker safety information, such as storing and receiving food, foodborne illness, sanitizing and cleaning, serving food, and food preparation.

The importance of certification

Food Safe BC level 1 course is one of the most basic ones that is aimed to help will provide you with a certificate that will prove your knowledge and education in food safety training as required by health departments in Canada. It is also equivalent to TrainCan Advance.fst, SafeCheck Advanced, and ServSafe. The certification is recognized all over Canada, so it should be acknowledged by any business or employer no matter which province or territory you intend to work or start a food service business.

Where to take the course

The course is traditionally taught in a classroom, but it is also possible to take the Food Safe Level 1 online.  Since we are talking about a training program that is useful for the working professionals, taking online education makes more sense as this gives you the flexibility to join classes as per your availability as well as save time on travel. There are many online platforms that are not offering these courses at affordable prices, but it is important that you ensure to choose an established and reputable educational institution that has a proven track record of helping food service workers meet employer and government requirements. Simply look for the Food Handlers Certificate course, which is another term for Food Safe Level 1. Before making any decision, make sure to check if the platform is reliable and certified by the relevant departments. Remember that it is going to make an impact on your brand image and your professional skills.

Consider a Food Safe BC Level 1 course that is developed by industry experts in Public Health and Occupational Health and Safety, with consideration for the best interests of workers. Verify that the training program is accredited, so you can be confident that you are receiving the right education conveniently through a Food Safe Level 1 online course.

The final exam will also be provided to you online. Some schools allow free retakes in case of failure. The Food Safe Level 1 certification should be valid for up to five years.