How Proper Food Safety Positively Impacts Your Profit

Did you know that food-borne illness affects four million Canadians annually? That’s one in eight of us coming down with some type of food poisoning. Yes, the cause may sometimes be external, and we are just unlucky. The romaine lettuce recalls that seem to plague us are perfect examples, but there may be many other reasons closer to home for getting sick.

If you are running a hotel, restaurant, or any other food business, then it makes sense to be proactive about food safety. No matter how experienced professionals you hire, training about certain things will always help you lead the road towards success. So, if you do not have a team with food safety certification, it is suggested to get one for your team.

Does your company have a food safety training program in place to prevent being the cause of illness?

Employees must wash their hands before touching food. As unbelievable as it seems, employees who handle foods do not always do so after toileting, changing diapers, handling animals, cleaning floors, handling money, etc. Many times, it is because they are rushed, but whatever the reason, it is simply something all employers have to enforce. A habit to wash hands regularly (for about 20 seconds) not just ensures personal hygiene but it also means the safety of your patrons.

Putting a safe food wellness program in place saves you money in several ways.

  • Consider the expense of several people getting ill after eating at your facility due to your employees. Imagine a food safety investigation identifies the root cause of illness is lack of knowledge of food handlers. Customers will quickly decide to stop eating at your place which will result in an initial loss of revenue. When they tell their friends the snowball effect begins, creating an even larger loss. If it escalates to legal action, you could end up out of business. Things can turn really bad in case you are found responsible for not taking care of the safe food handling methods or guidelines.
  • Think about your own employees. If they cannot work, do you have enough people to cover for them? Again, loss of revenue is possible if there are fewer employees to run your facility. It is not just mandatory for the manager to have food safety or safe food handling certification, but almost everyone in the team should do the training to avoid any kind of last-minute hassle.

Probe it offers a corporate wellness food training program that’s certified and accredited across all provinces and territories across Canada. So, you can trust our safe food handling program and get ready to lead the industry as a specialist. If your business involves touching food for any reason, your employees should be certified to understand what is acceptable and what is not.

We are here to help all your employees get certified. Contact us for more details on how we can help keep you with this area of your business!