Food Safety – Who’s really responsible?


The Public Health Agency of Canada estimates approximately 1/8 (4 million) of Canadians acquire food-borne illnesses each year. Food-borne illnesses cost Canadians approximately $12-$14 billion each year. Food safety is required by law and is the responsibility of everyone in the establishment – the owner and the employees. As food handlers, it is your responsibility to know the law and to follow them. Having proper training and becoming a certified food handler can help your establishment in delivering and providing the best customer satisfaction in the food industry.

Register now for the Probe It Food Handler Certification course to:

  • Increase your knowledge in food safety laws
  • Increase your awareness of food-borne illnesses
  • Increase your knowledge of proper food handling
  • Increase your knowledge of proper cleaning and sanitizing requirements
  • Teach you how to protect yourself, your family, your customers and your job.

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