Food Safety – Who’s really responsible?

The Public Health Agency of Canada estimates approximately 1/8 (4 million) of Canadians acquire food-borne illnesses each year. Food-borne illnesses cost Canadians approximately $12-$14 billion each year. Food safety is required by law and is the responsibility of everyone in the establishment – the owner and the employees. As food handlers, it is your responsibility to know the law and to follow them. Having proper training and becoming a certified food handler can help your establishment in delivering and providing the best customer satisfaction in the food industry.

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Who is responsible for food safety within a food business?

On the surface, it looks like only the business owner is responsible for food safety, but the fact is that everyone in the chain, food handler, manager, and business owner, everyone is equally responsible. Here is detailed information on the same.

Responsibilities of owners and managers – The business owner or manager is responsible to have information about the food safety laws in their province or territory. It is their responsibility that everyone in the team and organization is following all regulations in their area. Managers, supervisors, and owners are responsible to ensure that safe food handling practices are incorporated into the business’s everyday work routines. The business owners, managers and supervisors must:

  • Ensure the business is compliant with food safety laws
  • Ensure providing team proper Food Safety Training
  • Create strategies to make it easy for employees to perform food safety tasks
  • Ensure providing a safe working environment with required equipment and tools

Responsibilities of Food Handlers – A food handler is responsible to ensure that safe food handling practices are followed to prevent any kind of food-borne illness outbreaks and to protect their customers. As per law, it is mandatory for every food handler in Canada to have proper training and knowledge about food safety. A safe food handling training certification ensures that employees are equipped with the right type of knowledge they need to ensure the food they sell or serve is safe to eat. Food handlers have various responsibilities, such as:

  • Understanding the reasons for food-borne illness
  • Ensure taking care of cleaning and sanitizing surfaces, equipment, dishes, and utensils
  • Following the best practices for good personal hygiene
  • Take care of time and temperature control when cooking or storing food items
  • Take care of the methods to avoid any kind of food contamination and cross-contamination

When you are running a business or are working as a food handler, it is important to take care of having a safe food handler certificate to avoid any kind of penalty by the local food authorities as well as to ensure the safety of your customers across Canada.