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As a food safety manager, you have a vital role in the ongoing food safety compliance of your restaurant, bar, hotel, or food establishment. The Roles and Responsibilities of a Food Safety Manager includes upholding municipal, provincial, and federal regulations concerning food safety in their establishment. Developing policies and procedure that promote safe food handling and managing food handling certification for all employees are included as well.

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What Makes a Great Food Safety Manager?

Knows the Law

After completing the Food Safety Manager Course from Probe It, all managers will possess a strong understanding of governing regulations that dictate food safety in their province. Managers are also responsible for staying up-to-date with any law changes within the province. Regulations concerning food safety include:

Safe Food for
Canadians Act

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Food and Drug Act

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Consumer Packaging
and Labelling Act

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The purpose of food safety is to protect employees and customers from contracting foodborne illnesses. A Food Safety Manager understands the health implications of preparing and serving bad food. Besides illness (i.e. salmonella poisoning, norovirus, listeria, E. coli), failure to uphold food safety standards can result in heavy fines, financial loss, damaged reputation, forced business closure, and even prosecution.

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learning objectives


Explain different food safety laws in Canada.


Identify the causes of food-borne illness.


Explain proper food handling methods.


Apply proper cleaning and sanitizing methods in your workplace.


Explain the best practices for effective food premise maintenance and pest control methods.

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