Prince Edward Island Online Food Safety Training

The Prince Edward Island Food Premises Regulation gathers all the specific requirements for a food premise to ensure prevention of health hazards. It outlines the minimum requirements pertaining to maintenance, temperature control, sanitizing, pest prevention and control, food handler hygiene and the various day-to-day tasks in which food handlers are responsible for.

The Regulation also highlights the requirement for mandatory certification of food handlers. It is used by Prince Edward Island health inspectors during inspections.


Who Should Take This Food Handler Certificate Course In Prince Edward Island?

In Prince Edward Island, every operator of a food service establishment and one employee on every shift, at a minimum, must hold a Food Handler Certificate. Probe It Food Safety provides an accepted Food Handlers Certificate and is government approved. Our Food Handler Certificate will be valid for 5 years in Prince Edward Island and across Canada.


Our Courses In Prince Edward Island

We have created food safety certification courses using the finest and latest learning technology. Our experienced course developers know just how boring and dull PowerPoint and long static videos. Not only are they ineffective, but they aren't worth it. Our new way to learn is interactive, easy, and fun. Probe It’s accurate food safety course demos show you just how straightforward, engaging and entertaining our courses are – to show you the food safety course is worth your time as well as government approved.


Prince Edward Island Food Safety Inspections

Food safety is monitored across Prince Edward Island by regional, municipal and provincial government and health authourities. Be prepared for Inspectors to visit your business before its opening and then every four to six months after.

Inspectors will request to see your PEI Food Handler Certificates and your Food Safety Plan.

They also have the authority to:

Enter your business at any time without notice

Examine any area and equipment in your business

Take food or food contaminant samples

Issue warning notices and fines

Close your business immediately


What does the Prince Edward Island Regulation say about the Food Handlers Certificate?

Every operator of a food service establishment is required to hold a valid food handler certificate.

Whenever the operator is absent, at least one employee who a valid food handler certificate holder must be present on the premises.
Additionally, every food handler must be trained to a level appropriate to the activity that the person performs.

What Should I Do?

EXPERT ADVICE: Make sure you and your entire staff have taken a Food Handler Certification Course. This is the best option according to health inspectors and the health department. Achieving certification through an accepted food safety course helps prevent cases of food poisoning from ever coming from your establishment.

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Consequences can be serious if you or your staff choose to disregard food safety certification requirements.

What Happens If I Don’t Get The Food Handlers Certificate?

Twice as likely to fail health inspections

50% more likely to lead to food-borne illnesses

Suspended or revoked Food Establishment license

Business closure

Financial penalties (up to thousands of dollars)

Charges and prosecution

Seizure and destruction of inventory

Negative publicity

Our Food Handler Certificate will be valid for 5 years in Prince Edward Island and across Canada.



Our training material for the food handlers certificate course has been developed by certified Canadian Public Health Inspectors. Our course has been designed to be up to date, compliant, and will be accepted and recognized by all employers in Prince Edward Island and across Canada.

Our course is also 100% online and without extra hidden fees. We guarantee that our food safety course certificate is valid for five years anywhere in Canada.