Food Handler’s Certificate in Hamilton, Ontario

Probe It offers several options to obtain your Food Handler’s Certificate in Hamilton, Ontario. Are you preparing your new staff for your restaurant’s grand opening? Do you think your seasoned servers could use a refresher course in the art of safe food handling? Probe It makes earning the Ontario Food Handler’s Certificate in Hamilton simple by offering a variety of ways to complete your course. Choose the food safety course that works for you.

Blended Learning

Online Theory and In-Class Exam

The blended learning method of our Food Safety Course in Hamilton is our most popular way to take the course. It combines online learning and the final on-site test and helps managers schedule a single one-hour exam for all their employees rather than one test at a time. Our blended learning course makes life simple for you by letting you schedule the one-hour exam with one of our proctors. Give your team the flexibility to complete the course online.

After you select our blended learning course, you’ll have full access to Probe It’s online course material—from there, you can book your one-hour exam with one of our proctors.

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Full-Day Course in Hamilton, Ontario

Probe It’s full-day group course is our most traditional method of learning safe food handling. We offer in-class training, which is usually completed in one day, and the one-hour exam. This course is most suitable for staff members of new establishments where food and beverages will be prepared or served. Give your employees a teambuilding exercise as they learn proper food safety.


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Refresher Course — Food Safety Course in Hamilton

Probe It’s Refresher Course is for employees who have already been working in the foodservice industry and who want to challenge themselves to retake the test. This course is ideal for servers, baristas, bartenders, cooks, and other employees in the foodservice industry. If you or your personnel think a revision course is due, sign up for Probe It’s Refresher course today!

The course and exam take 1.5 to 3 hours to complete. You do not already need to hold a previous food handler’s certificate to take this course.

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Had a great experience with ProbeIt! Very affordable and the website is very user-friendly. When I contacted the support staff, they were always very quick to respond to me. Highly recommend to anyone looking to become food handling certified!

Joshua Batchelor

Friendly and polite staff. Answer emails in a timely manner. Available 24/7 to help. They offer exam onsite and provide practice examination first and go over all questions. Being a Culinary Manager and with a food safety background Bashir is very knowledgeable and provides exceptional customer service.

Brendan de Jeu

My brother took the course and was successful at completing the Food Handler Certificate. The modules were really well done and easy to comprehend.

Jessica Cerqueira