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Alberta Food Safety Laws and Requirements

The Alerta Food Premise Regulation clearly states all that is required to aid food premises in preventing all health hazards and contamination. It describes the basic requirements in regards to the various everyday work food handlers are involved in, food handler hygiene, pest control, sanitizing, temperature control, and maintenance.

Public Health Inspectors use the food handler certification during their inspection; as stated in the regulation it is a mandatory certification for food handlers.

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Federal Laws

Health Canada is tasked with creating policies and defining safety standards for businesses in the food safety industry.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is in charge of ensuring these policies and standards are followed.

Here are some laws and rules at the federal level that deal with the food safety in Canada

  • Safe Food for Canadian Act
  • Food and Drugs Act

Provincial Laws

Provincial Food Safety By-Laws are set by:

  • Alberta Food Regulation Act, according to the Alberta Public Health Act
  • Alberta Food Retail and Food Services Code
  • Alberta Dishwashing Standards


These laws ensure that the food sold and served in Alberta is safe and good for people to eat. They also provide food that meets all standards set in the Ontario Food Regulations. 

Who should take this food handler certificate course in Alberta?

In Alberta, every operator of a food service establishment and at least one employee on every shift must hold a Food Handler Certificate.

What does the Alberta Regulation say about Food Handlers Certificate?

If there are 5 or fewer food handlers working in the food premise, then there must be at least one person who has their food handler certificate. If there are 6 or more food handlers working in the food premise, then a manager or supervisor must have their food handler certificate and must be present on-site.

What Should I do?

Expert Advice: Get yourself and your entire staff certified. This is the top recommendation by health inspectors and the health department. Completing a Food Handler Certification course helps ensure you or your business is never the cause of food-borne illnesses.

Alberta Food Handlers Certification: Additional Information

Getting a Food Handler Certification is something many of your staff has to do by law in Alberta, and it is a good idea to make sure every person who deals with food in your business gets certified

Certificate Expiry and Renewal?

In Alberta, Food Handler Certifications are valid for 5 years, and you need to renew them every five years.

What Happens If I Don’t Get The Food Handlers Certificate?

Consequences can be severe if you or your staff choose to neglect food safety certification.

Alberta Food safety Inspections

A combination of provincial governments, municipalities and regional health authorities monitor food safety across Alberta. You must be ready for the health inspector to come on-site to your business before you open and within every four to six-month timespan after that.

Health Inspectors must see your Alberta Food Safe Certificates and your Food Safety Plan during inspections.

They additionally have the authority to:


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Our Food Handler Certificate will be valid for
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