Food Handler Behavior – Be Mindful of Bad Habits

The second blog in this series is about bad habits. Have you ever heard the expression “bad habits, die hard”? Well, its true! Bad habits can take several days, months or years to completely rid your self from them. However, when working with food these habits can results in serious illnesses.


It is important to being mindful of bad habits when working with food such as:


  • Playing/twirling hair
  • Biting nails
  • Snacking while working with food
  • Touching around the face
  • Improper handwashing/lack of handwashing

There are many ways food handlers can be mindful of their bad habits. The first thing is to recognize that your habit can result in food borne illness. How can you recognize this? By gaining essential food safety knowledge. Food handlers must learn about safe food handling to ensure they are doing everything in their power to prevent food borne illness. The Probe It online food safety course provides food handlers with valuable knowledge that is needed when working with food. The online course includes various realistic scenarios, games and review questions to ensure the material was understood. Learn how to be mindful of bad habits and more by registering for the online course today. Click here for more details.