Food Handler Behavior – Follow Proper Tasting Methods


The next series of food safety blogs will be related to food handler behavior. Personal habits of food handlers can have a direct impact on the safety of food. Food handlers can unintentionally become carriers of pathogenic micro-organisms to food or food contact surfaces. A few common personal hygiene behaviors are provided below for food handlers to follow in order to avoid food borne illnesses. Ensuring control of personal habits can prevent food borne illnesses from occurring.

Follow Proper Tasting Methods

It is important that proper techniques are used for tasting food. Do not use your finger, mixing spoon or tongs to taste food. These can introduce pathogenic micro-organisms into the food that can result in illness.

Taste testing can be done in two ways:

  • Transfer a small amount of food into a separate bowl and then taste it from there.
  • Use a clean spoon to taste the food. Once food has been tasted, the dirty spoon must be washed in the dishwashing area.

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