Food-borne Illness – Last thing you ate?

Food poisoning is one of the most common health problems for people across the world. And it’s not only associated with eating food outside, but it can also happen when you eat the food that is made at your own kitchen. It depends on various factors like the cross contamination, which causes infections with microbes such as viruses, bacteria, and parasites.

Symptoms of food-borne illness

Just like there are various factors associated to food -borne diseases, there is no specific or particular symptom that an individual can face when dealing with food poisoning. Also, it is very important to understand that the symptoms of food-borne diseases are not always associated with the last food product consumed. Symptoms may appear as early as 30 minutes or as late as several days after consuming contaminated food. Once you swallow unsafe food, it may take hours or days to develop symptoms. Death can also be a result of a food-borne illness.

The most common symptoms of food poisoning are:

Upset Stomach
Stomach Cramps
Diarrhea Or Bloody Diarrhea

A quick fact about food-borne diseases is that their symptoms range from mild to severe and may last from a few hours to several days. For example, some people dealing with some types of food poisoning can also experience symptoms like:

  • Blurred Vision
  • Headache
  • Paralysis NIH External Link
  • Tingling Or Numbness Of Your Skin
  • Weakness

What kinds of microbes cause food poisoning?

  • Viruses – Viruses usually invade normal cells in your body, which can result in infections that can be spread from person to person. Common viruses that cause food poisoning include norovirus NIH external link and hepatitis A.
  • Bacteria – They are tiny organisms that can cause infection or disease by entering your body with infectious food. Keeping food colder than 40 degrees in a refrigerator is the best way to prevent the breeding of bacteria. Bacteria like Salmonella, Campylobacter, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli also called E. coli and Vibrio can cause food poisoning.
  • Parasites – They are small organisms that live inside human body. They can enter your body through food or water and cause trouble in your digestive tract.

Seek care right away

As it is clear that there are various types of symptoms related to food-borne illness, it is important that you consult with a professional healthcare specialist for timely treatment. Food poisoning, if left untreated, can result in severe dehydration or other complications. This is why it is never suggested to wait and watch, instead, you must get the right treatment without any delay. It is important to know that the symptoms of food poisoning in adults and children can be different. Make sure to connect with your healthcare provider to have a clear picture of what to do and what not to do during such an incident. Anyone with the signs or symptoms of food poisoning should see a doctor right away.

So remember, if you or someone you know experiences food-borne illness, ask yourself “What did I eat in the last 5 days?”