Anti-Coronavirus Hand Washing Techniques


Banner vector created by pch Feel like 20 seconds is too long to wash your hands? Think again. 80% of the spread of common infectious diseases are credited to your hands. With the novel coronavirus being spread in much the same way, handwashing is not only critical to health and hygiene but an effective preventive measure from being infected. The World Health Organization (WHO) states that it takes about a minute to wash your hands properly from start to finish, and PROBE IT’s food handler course goes over these crucial six steps. Below are some of the tips included in our course on what to do and what to avoid to practice proper hand hygiene. MAKE SURE YOU: Use warm water: Wetting your hands before applying soap is necessary so that you can get a nice lather. Otherwise, the soap will not go anywhere. Warmer water is more effective in getting a better lather according to chemist Bill Wuest, which is our next point. [...]

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Defeat The Coronavirus With These Cleaning & Sanitizing Tips!


Restaurant photo created by freepik Learning all you can about using bleach? Everyone has become more aware of disinfecting with the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, with cleaning supplies running out throughout grocery stores. Cleaning your home, a section of a restaurant, or an entire facility is definitely a serious responsibility and can get overwhelming with all the information out there. Food handlers who have taken our online course and implement our food safety practices, however, have no need to panic because they already know how to best keep things clean inside-out, and coronavirus free. Before you run out to buy industrial-grade bleach, you should know that cleaning with soap and warm water can be just as effective while being more practical. The World Health Organization (WHO) explains that soap disables the outer oily-like layer of the 2019-novel coronavirus, effectively killing it. This is especially important for dishes and other food utensils, which come into contact with people’s mouths as they eat. The steps [...]

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When is it the right time to sell your company?


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