Benefits of Food Handling Course Online


Safe food handling is a vital part of the day-to-day operations of restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and other businesses in the food industry. Safe food handling practices are key to preventing food poisoning, E. coli, salmonella, and norovirus. If you are planning to open a food business soon, take a food handling course online with your staff to ensure that everyone has full awareness of the law’s food hygiene standards.

Learn about Canadian food safety standards and guidelines

It is very important to know the standards and guidelines for safe food handling that the Canadian government has set. This is not only to ensure that all food prepared is safe to consume but also to be compliant as non-compliance can lead to fines. This course is a great way to get certified and increase your customer’s confidence in your service.

Understand the causes of food-borne illnesses

This course will not only provide you with practical steps on how to handle food for public consumption properly—it will also explain why you must do them. If you understand what causes food-borne illnesses, you will know that staying compliant is more than simply obeying the law. You will see more reasons why they are important for your business and for the customers you are serving.

Stay up to date with the latest regulations

If it has been years since you last completed a safe food handling course, then you might need a refresher. It’s a good way to learn about the new food and safety regulations and other best practices you can apply in your business to avoid risks. The course is especially beneficial in today’s time to prevent the spread of the COVID-19. Although there are no confirmed cases that the virus can spread through food or food packaging, the government has recommended extra precautionary practices in food handling, cooking, and cleaning and disinfecting workplaces.

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