Benefits of Food Handler Certification

According to the the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), over 4 million Canadians are affected by a foodborne disease every year, which means 1 in every 8 people. In the previous year, over 238 people died while 11,600 were hospitalized due to foorborne diseases. The information is enough to show how crucial is it to ensure safe food handling for professionals as well as hotel managers.

Food handler certification is a great way to guarantee your customers get the best food possible.

This can be achieved after completing after a food safety training program online or offline and the prime purpose of this certification is that this attests that a food product complies with the safety guidelines.

Why do Businesses Need Food Safety Certification?

When you run a hotel or restaurant, you would want more people to trust you for their safety. When they feel safe eating at your place, the more they are likely to recommend others. This is the best way to grow your market presence. One of the best ways to ensure positive publicity is to have a food safety certification so that your team understands the methods used for complete safe food handling.When your business or team has a food safety certification, it means that you meet the requirements of a national or internationally recognized best practice approach. Following the growing numbers of people dealing with diseases caused due to improper food hygiene, more consumers are demanding an increase in food safety standards across the country and world.

Businesses in the industry that become certified to a particular food safety scheme are more likely to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace

Benefits of food handling certification

In the modern days, food safety is becoming a very common and important concern for food businesses across Canada. There are many benefits for the employee and the employer. We all know that being part of a food borne illness outbreak can have multiple negative outcomes.

The best and most effective way in preventing food borne illness is by getting the proper knowledge to serve safe food. Food handler certification is required in multiple provinces across the country.

A few benefits of the food safety training are provided below:

  • Job qualification: Increase your likelihood of becoming hired.
  • Obtain a provincially recognized certificate that is valid for five years.
  • Learn how to prevent food-borne illnesses.
  • Increase chances of passing inspection.
  • Increase awareness of food safety.
  • Decrease likelihood of causing illnesses or outbreaks.
  • Increase customer confidence in your service.

A food handler’s certificate is dedicated to helping professionals in the food industry gain important knowledge and skills that not just help protect their professional image in the public, but also prepare them to take advantage of amazing career opportunities available in the food service industry. More hotels and other food businesses are now looking for professionals with relevant certification so make sure to have that listed on your Resume.

It is important to know that the responsibility to serve safe food belongs to everyone in the establishment.