Signs You Sell the Food Safety Certificate For a Living

Are you looking to buy a food safety certificate for yourself, or on behalf of your employees? It’s important to know the signs that you’re dealing with a reputable and accredited company. Buying a food safety certificate from an unreliable source can lead to costly problems down the road, so it pays to do your […]

Sanitation Plan Adjustments for the Coronavirus

House photo created by freepik When was the last time you reviewed your establishment’s sanitation plan? Sanitation plans act as a clear guide and reference for your employees on how exactly they carry out their cleaning and sanitation duties. An updated sanitation plan, however, might be necessary to responsibly respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, just […]

Reasons to choose an easy, fun and interactive food safety course

If you are working in the hotel or food industry, you would already understand the importance of safe food hygiene and food handling. Since we are talking about the professionals who are already working full-time or part-time, choosing online courses makes sense as they are flexible as well as affordable. Online courses, having become quite […]

Questions You Might be Afraid to Ask About the Food Safety Certificate

Food Safety Certificates are mentioned a lot in hospitality, but there’s some information people don’t tell you. Does your employer pay, or do you? Do you really have to do it every 5 years? These are questions you may be afraid to ask about the food handlers certificate…but we’re here to answer them!Here’s what you […]

Outsourcing Food Delivery Services – not the best choice?

There are a lot of risks when it comes to exploring new business ventures. The overall improvement of one’s company, however, is always the main goal. Changing your food delivery services from an outsourced company to in-house is one of those risky – but necessary – ventures for your food business to truly grow. After […]

Preventing COVID-19 Transmission in Your Restaurant

Health photo created by freepik The world has come to a metaphorical and literal standstill in the wake of the COVID-19 epidemic. The number of total confirmed cases has already reached four hundred thousand as we finish the first quarter of 2020. With a high infection rate and potentially serious symptoms, food service businesses have […]

Online Food Safety Training – “How do I choose the right course?”

Most food handlers and food safety professionals can almost all agree that the in-class food safety training and certification can be long, boring, and inconvenient. Apart from this, people would have to take a break from daily routine work and spend hours commuting to and from the coaching classes. This is why people have decided […]

Learn the Basic and Advanced Safe Food Handling Techniques with an Online Course

You probably know how important safe food handling is as a food business owner or as someone who works in this industry. But while you can learn many of the best food handling practices from various resources online, attending a safe food handling course is highly recommended because the law requires such training. By enrolling […]

Keep your Franchises Compliant with our Corporate Field Audits

Consistency is an important consideration when running a franchise in order to maintain the proper brand and reputation. Many details go into achieving consistency, but a lot of people tend to forget about the elements of consistency behind-the-scenes when it comes to auditing. Food Safety audits play a vital role in terms of quality management […]

Keep Your Day-to-Day Procedures Consistent with Our Daily Checklists

On a day to day basis, there are many gaps in food safety and health that need to be identified and addressed immediately. The hardest part of food safety is carrying out the identification and follow-up procedures when a business lacks organization and structure. Daily checklist software will help these steps become effortless and eliminate […]