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Benefits of Food Handler Certification


Food handler certification is a great way to guarantee your customers get the best food possible. There are many benefits for the employee and the employer. We all know that being part of a food borne illness outbreak can have multiple negative outcomes. The best and most effective way in preventing food borne illness is by getting the proper knowledge to serve safe food.  Food handler certification is required in multiple provinces across the country. A few benefits of the food safety training are provided below: Job qualification: Increase your likelihood of becoming hired. Obtain a provincially recognized certificate that is valid for five years. Learn how to prevent food-borne illnesses. Increase chances of passing inspection. Increase awareness of food safety. Decrease likelihood of causing illnesses or outbreaks. Increase customer confidence in your service. It is important to know that the responsibility to serve safe food belongs to everyone in the establishment.

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Humber College Food-borne Illness


Food-borne illness is serious and it is unfortunate that it usually is only brought to our attention after a significant outbreak, like what is currently unfolding at Humber College - North Campus. The number of people who have affected by the outbreak at Humber College has risen to nearly 200 as officials fight to understand its cause, Toronto Public Health said Saturday. As the illness was first brought to the public's attention on Thursday, Humber College is doubling their efforts in cleaning and sanitizing, while members of the community are double their efforts of personal hygiene, such as handwashing! The Probe It Food Handler Certification course provides various details about the the many types of food-borne illness, their causes, and preventive measure that should be taken. Although the causative agent in this outbreak  has not yet been identified, it is likely to be a virus.Viruses are very small micro-organisms that do not multiply on food. Viruses multiply by growing in a living cell. A [...]

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Mandatory Food Handler Certification


The most effective method for preventing food borne illnesses is through food handler education, because many of illnesses are caused by mistakes made by food service workers. This is why many provincial governments and local municipalities have legislation that makes food handler certification mandatory. In Alberta, the provincial food regulation requires: " A person operating a commercial food establishment must, at any time when there are 5 or fewer food handlers working on the premises, ensure that at least one individual who has care and control of the commercial food establishment holds a certificate issued by the Minister confirming that individual’s successful completion of a food sanitation and hygiene training program or a document that the Minister considers equivalent to such a certificate." Food Regulation 31, Sec 31(1) Additionally the Alberta food regulation requires: "A person operating a commercial food establishment must, at any time when there are 6 or more food handlers working on the premises, ensure that at least one member of [...]

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Food Safety – Who’s really responsible?


The Public Health Agency of Canada estimates approximately 1/8 (4 million) of Canadians acquire food-borne illnesses each year. Food-borne illnesses cost Canadians approximately $12-$14 billion each year. Food safety is required by law and is the responsibility of everyone in the establishment – the owner and the employees. As food handlers, it is your responsibility to know the law and to follow them. Having proper training and becoming a certified food handler can help your establishment in delivering and providing the best customer satisfaction in the food industry. Register now for the Probe It Food Handler Certification course to: Increase your knowledge in food safety laws Increase your awareness of food-borne illnesses Increase your knowledge of proper food handling Increase your knowledge of proper cleaning and sanitizing requirements Teach you how to protect yourself, your family, your customers and your job.  

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Food-borne Illness – A High Price to Pay


    Food-borne Illness is when contaminated food or water is consumed. Contamination can occur from food, the environment, or from the food handler either directly or indirectly. Food-borne illness can be devastating to the person affected and to the establishment implicated. It can cost thousands of dollars and may even result in death. DID YOU KNOW: Four million Canadians suffer from food-borne illness and receive medical attention EACH YEAR! (Health Canada) A High Price To Pay The cost of a food-borne illness occurring at an establishment is a high price to pay. Here are just a few negative outcomes that result in food-borne illnesses: Negative media exposure Possible lawsuits and legal fees Insurance premiums Staff missing work Cost of re-training staff Decrease in customer sales Bad reputation Decrease staff morale   Food-borne illness do not usually get reported because it resolves itself within a few days. However, there are members of our population that can be severely affected by food-borne illnesses, including young children, [...]

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Food-borne Illness – Last thing you ate?


Symptoms are not always associated with the last food product consumed. Symptoms may appear as early as 30 minutes or as late as several days after consuming contaminated food. DID YOU KNOW: Headaches can be a symptom of a food-borne Illness! Food-borne illness can have numerous symptoms. More common symptoms include diarrhea, vomit, stomach cramps and nausea. Food-borne illness can also manifest as a headache, muscle pain, fever, fatigue and weight loss. Death, as previously mentioned, can also be a result of a food-borne illness. So remember, if you or someone you know experiences food-borne illness, ask yourself "What did I eat in the last 5 days?"  

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When is it the right time to sell your company?


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