Audit-Proof Your Establishment with our Self-Auditing Software


Businesses tend to fall behind on their health and safety maintenance and monitoring in between corporate audits. Management tends to put it on the backburner until they know that the next audit is coming up. Health and safety auditing directly influences the well-being of customers and employees, so one cannot afford to avoid it between corporate audits. It is the responsibility of the manager to ensure everyone is kept on track and monitored on a monthly/weekly basis in regards to compliance with their policies and standards set by the corporate auditors.

Waiting for quarterly franchise visits will not help the business continuously maintain or improve safety. Rather, you should start taking self-assessments into your own hands with self-auditing software. This keeps you prepared for the next visit, and at the same standard in between, or else it will be impossible to pass these external audits – especially if they occur randomly and unannounced.

Aspects like ensuring that perishables are properly labeled with expiration dates and are properly handled cannot wait for the quarterly inspections. Also, proper food preparation process and quality control can not be postponed as well. Improper procedures in these cases affect your patrons,customers, and employees in a time-sensitive manner.

Our self auditing software coming soon to will enable you to perform recurring self-assessments on a monthly/weekly basis. Our software will be fully online and easily accessible, allowing photos and videos to be uploaded as a means of evidence for corporate auditors who want to see the records of results.

This software will help save time and energy, with reports you can fill in and look back on as reference to resolving future problems. These preventative and corrective measures will be readily available in the software, eliminating guesswork.

No one remembers or wants to refer to a pile of papers, but our software negates the need for hard copies, while keeping everything in one place. This helps keep food businesses on track and on brand.

Make sure to keep an eye out on our new self-auditing software, coming soon!

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