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Probe It Allergen Course

Complement your Food Safety Course with the Allergen Course by Probe It. Learn how to protect your employees and customers from food allergies while maintaining your business’ reputation and integrity. Any customer you serve could have an allergy. Your duty as a responsible and safe food handler is to protect your customers by:

  • Properly labelling your food items

  • Avoiding cross-contamination of ingredients
  • Maintaining high standards of cleanliness in your kitchen
  • Using the same utensils and cooking equipment for the same types of foods
  • Promoting high standards of hygiene for your employees
  • Educating your serving staff about your menu

Our online Allergen Course covers the most important topics concerning food allergies. Participants will be able to:

Understand differences between reactions

Anaphylaxis (severe)

Food allergy (moderate)

Food intolerance (mild)

Know the most common food allergies

Gluten or Celiac disease

Shellfish allergy

Peanut and tree nut allergy

Egg and dairy allergies

Recognize symptoms of adverse reactions

Itching, hives, rash



Trouble swallowing and
breathing; swollen tongue

Low blood pressure

Respond to an adverse reaction

Keeping the person calm

Administering epinephrine

Performing CPR

Understanding the basics of food safety will give you a strong foundation for this course. We highly recommend taking the Allergen Course in conjunction with our Food Safety Course to give you a broader scope of knowledge about food safety in the community. This course is recommended for chefs, food managers, servers, kitchen staff, and early childhood educators.

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