Probe IT


At Probe It, our mission is to prevent food-borne illness!


Probe It Food Safety provides highly-rated courses that are fun, innovative, engaging, and suitable for everyone at an affordable price. Our auditing software and forms allow companies to monitor the compliance with regulations and the implementation of their employee’s knowledge. No one can compare our quality in products and services and our dedication to serving with excellent and timely customer service. Probe It’s accredited training programs allow workers to receive their required training conveniently while having the best learning experience. At the same time, our auditing software ensures employers and managers can keep track of compliance and efficiently.

In August 2016, Probe It Food Safety transformed Canada’s food handler certification platform. We introduced a new service, the first ever in North America – secured, proctored online food handler certification exams! We were the first to innovate and introduce remote proctors 24/7 for taking the food handler exam. This meant our customers could log in and grab a food handlers exam – 24 hours a day, seven days a week, anywhere and anytime!

Government Compliant. Guaranteed​

Our food handlers certificate training course has been developed by certified Public Health Inspectors. This makes us up to date, compliant, and will be accepted and recognized by all employers in Ontario and across Canada.