5 Indispensable Food Safety Kitchen Gadgets


Want to get serious about food safety? Then it’s time to take a look at your kitchen. It doesn’t matter if you have the most expensive non-stick pans money can buy. Here are five indispensable food safety kitchen gadgets that are worth their weight in gold.

#1: Thermometer

Most of us know what the perfect steak looks like. Whether you like it blue, medium, or well-done, you can tell the second it’s ready by its inner colouring—except that, we can’t always trust our eyes. It’s more important to eat meat that is cooked than to eat meat that looks the right colour, which can lead to a wealth of consequences, food poisoning being the most obvious one.

A meat thermometer is an easy and inexpensive way to guarantee your meat is cooked through.

#2: Shallow Containers

If you often cook enough food to store leftovers, the best way to keep your food safe is to divide them up into smaller portions and pack them in shallow fridge-friendly containers shortly after the hot meal has cooled down. Shallow containers allow cold air to penetrate the food faster.

#3: Labels

This one is a no-brainer. Labelling or colour-coding your frozen or canned food helps you organize your fridge and eliminates guesswork so that you aren’t accidentally biting into expired food.

#4: Multiple Cutting Boards

Always prepare raw chicken, meat, and fish on separate cutting boards so that your uncooked produce doesn’t become contaminated with bacteria. Plastic cutting boards are better to clean because they can be shoved right into the dishwasher after use; however, knife slashes can leave grooves where bacteria can easily grow. We recommend replacing your cutting boards if the surfaces become too porous.

#5: Dishwasher

Not a gadget, per se, but the dishwasher makes this list for its germ-killing abilities. The dishwasher’s heat kills off plenty of bacteria during the washing, rinsing, and drying cycle, making it much more efficient (and sustainable) to run one load at a time rather than standing in front of the sink for thirty minutes washing everything by hand. The other advantage of cleaning your dishes in the dishwasher is that, unlike washing with a sponge, it’s touchless; that means that you don’t have to worry about the bacteria that’s also growing on your sponge!

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