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3 Everyday Food Safety Myths You Should Toss Out


With so many “food handling experts” online, you can easily adopt a wrong food practice. A simple online search about food safety, like “tips to ensure food safety,” will give a million results. Sieving facts from food safety myths can be difficult, which is why you should only trust the experts with a triple star guarantee. Otherwise, you may land in serious hot water. Myth #1: Freezing Kills Bacteria This is one of the most popular beliefs, but it’s wrong. No matter how low you keep the temperature, you cannot kill bacteria. Low temperatures only make the bacteria inactive. When the food is thawed, the bacteria revive and thrive on the favorable temperature, causing food-borne illnesses. You can only kill bacteria by heating your food to higher temperatures. If you’re cooking meat, for example, ensure you keep it hot held above 60°C (140°F) before serving it. Myth #2: Once Food Changes Colour, it’s Safe to Eat One mistake that most people in food service make [...]

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How Proper Food Safety Positively Impacts Your Profit


Did you know that food-borne illness affects four million Canadians annually? That's one in eight of us coming down with some type of food poisoning. Yes, the cause may sometimes be external, and we are just unlucky. The romaine lettuce recalls that seem to plague us are perfect examples, but there may be many other reasons closer to home for getting sick. Does your company have a food safety training program in place to prevent being the cause of illness? Employees must wash their hands before touching food. As unbelievable as it seems, employees who handle foods do not always do so after toileting, changing diapers, handling animals, cleaning floors, handling money, etc. Many times, it is because they are rushed, but whatever the reason, it is simply something all employers have to enforce. Putting a safe food wellness program in place saves you money in several ways. Consider the expense of several people getting ill after eating at your facility due to your [...]

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