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5 Food Safety Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Germ-Free


Practicing good food safety habits is paramount to maintaining a healthy kitchen. In this post, we'll review a few simple steps you can undertake to maintain food safety in your kitchen to keep you safe from germs. #1: Wash Your Hands This is the golden rule for cleanliness. Wash your hands early and often while cooking. Whenever you handle raw food you should wash your hands directly afterward. Always keep hand soap close to your kitchen sink for this specific purpose. #2: Disinfect Your Cutting Board Your cutting board is often the resting place for raw meat. Once you've finished cooking, disinfect your cutting boards. It's easy to forget your cutting board needs disinfecting as you serve dinner. Once the cooking is complete you often overlook this step. But to ensure no pesky bacteria lingers, make sure to wipe this down afterward with a disinfectant. #3: Take Your Garbage Out Often Several pathogenic bacteria usually end up in the garbage. After every cooking session, take [...]

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How to Ensure Food Safety at Home


Depending on how you handle your food, it can be either be a nutritional meal or recipe for intestinal disaster. This is why it is important to practice food safety throughout the food handling process; from purchase and storage to cooking and serving. Ignoring the basics of safe food handling can result in you and your family suffering from foodborne illnesses. Consider the following tips for food safety: #1: Observe Cleanliness This point is the first for obvious reasons. Wash your hands properly before handling food. Always use soap to rid bacteria found on your hands. Do not use a kitchen towel to dry your hands, rather, use a disposable paper napkin to eliminate cross-contamination. Clean the surfaces, utensils, and chopping board often. The bottom line is, ensure everything that gets in contact with your food is clean and sanitized. #2: Cook to the Right Temperature How well do you cook your food? Most bacteria thrive between 4°C to 60°C (40°F to 140°F) which [...]

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