August 2016: We Changed Food Handler Certification Forever


Throughout the years as a Public Health Inspector, I have been instructing food handler training and certification courses and I’ve noticed two things: Many clients would have to take a day off work, usually without pay. They commuted hours to attend the session. I was amazed at the demand and need for the course, what astonished me even more… this was the norm! It was common (and expected) for clients to do this in order to get their food handler certificate! As I begin the course, I provide clients with a quick overview of the day and also provide clients with an opportunity for questions. The only question without fail at this point of the course are all related to when the exam will be taking place (i.e. the conclusion of the course). “When will we be done?” “When will we start the exam?” “Can I do the exam during lunch?” “Can we skip breaks/lunch and get through all the material and leave earlier?” [...]