Food Handler Behavior – Don’t Snack While Working With Food


The third blog in this series is about snacking while handling food. Food handlers should eat in an approved designated break room. Snacking while handling food can trigger allergic reactions. Think about it, if a food handler is snacking on almonds while preparing a garden salad. Trace amounts of the almond remains on their hands. Although the garden salad doesn’t contain nuts as an actual ingredient, it would be enough to trigger an allergic reaction to the person consuming it (if they suffer from allergies) due to the traces on the food handler hands. Snacking also includes chewing gum. Chewing gum should be avoided in areas where food is being prepared. Saliva can accidently spray from a person’s mouth and contaminate the food or food contact surface. The chewing gum can also accidently fall into the food. Additionally, employee food should be stored in a designated fridge and labeled. Personal habits of food handlers can have a direct impact on the safety of food, [...]