Probe It Food Safety is striving to be the leader in the food service sector on food-borne illness prevention.
In August 2016, Probe It Food Safety transformed the food handler certification platform.
We introduced a new service, which was the first ever in North America: secured, proctored online food handler certification exams!

We were the first to innovate and introduce remote proctors  for  the food handler exam. This means our customers across Canada can login and take a food handlers exam  24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere and anytime!

Food Handlers Certificate and Food Safety Course

Who should take this food safety training course?

This course is for you, if you work in a Restaurant, Daycare, Hotel, Food Truck, Nursery, Café, Banquet Hall, School, or anywhere you are preparing and/or handling food. NO previous food safety training is required for this course.


Are you looking to get your staff certified? Our Learning Management System (LMS) makes it easier than ever to train and manage your staff’s certification.

We have certified employees of:

PROBE IT has been providing affordable, simple and fun Food Safety Training solutions to savvy Canadian employers and employees. To date, thousands of employees who work for some of the most recognized companies in Canada have taken their Food Handlers Certification with us.

What Is the Online Proctored Food Handlers Certificate Exam?

A proctored exam is a test that is overseen by an administrator, or a person who confirms the identity of the test taker and the reliability of the location.

Proctoring sessions are taken in the luxury of the test taker’s home, or preferred location and a webcam is required. This service is available 24/7 and no scheduling is required. Take your Food Handlers Exam online today!


Had a great experience with ProbeIt! Very affordable and the website is very user-friendly. When I contacted the support staff, they were always very quick to respond to me. Highly recommend to anyone looking to become food handling certified!

Joshua Batchelor

Friendly and polite staff. Answer emails in a timely manner. Available 24/7 to help. They offer exam onsite and provide practice examination first and go over all questions. Being a Culinary Manager and with a food safety background Bashir is very knowledgeable and provides exceptional customer service.

Brendan de Jeu

My brother took the course and was successful at completing the Food Handler Certificate. The modules were really well done and easy to comprehend.

Jessica Cerqueira

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